Retirement Planning

When you retire will you have enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle?

Whether you are a company or an individual, pensions can be both complicated and confusing and Foyle Financial are experts in providing Independent Advice that you will understand and meets your needs.

The state pension alone won’t be enough to ensure a comfortable retirement.  It was not set up for this purpose.  It’s up to every individual to plan for their retirement so it’s worth reviewing your options regularly, at least on an annual basis. Individuals now have a much greater responsibility for managing their investments for their retirement and determining how much they will need in order to retire in comfort.

It is important to have a clear plan as to how and when you are going to reach your goal of a comfortable retirement.  We can advise on retirement planning and agree a financial plan with you to meet your retirement goals.

As well as helping with pre-retirement planning, Foyle Financial provide advice to those considering the options available to them in retirement from purchasing an annuity to advising on the new pension freedoms introduced since April 2015 including Drawdown Pensions.