Private Medical Insurance

We insure our cars and homes without a second thought, but have you ever considered taking out health insurance?

The National Health Service (NHS) is designed to provide medical treatment and support to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. But while it provides a valuable service, paying for private health insurance offers three key advantages:

  • shorter waiting times
  • quicker diagnosis
  • better facilities, such as a private room.

Health insurance can also offer access to specialist drugs and treatment that may not be available on the NHS or affordable to pay for directly. Its overarching aim is therefore to provide you with the comforts and reassurance you want from your initial consultation through to your aftercare.

Whether you are worried about an experience someone you know has had or you want access to a specific hospital or quicker access to a specialist, there are a variety of health insurance products and policies to choose from which should help to meet your requirements.

As with any insurance policy, it’s important to research your options carefully. Our health insurance comparison channel will help you to compare a range of policies, so you can assess how much each policy costs as well as what it covers, before you make a decision.