Our Approach

The steps that we take with you are described below.

Initial Consultation & Fact Finding– We believe getting to know you is a critically important part of our initial meeting. This is because we believe that you should only take financial advice from an adviser that you feel you can build an honest, open and friendly relationship with. While you get to know us we will begin to understand you and your finances.

The main part of the process will involve gathering information and analysing your personal and general financial circumstances and specific needs while talking you through how we can help you.  This will allow us to understand your priorities and the time frame for results. We will also discuss how you feel about risk which is a huge part of the financial planning process.

Presenting Solutions – We will research appropriate solutions to match your stated goals and objectives based on the information you have provided. We will normally present these to you in writing and this will also involve a discussion of the topics covered at a further meeting.

Implementing Recommendations –  This is where we set the wheels in motion. It can be provided as a standalone service or to fulfil your financial plan. Some people know what they should be doing but never quite get around to doing it.  Others simply do not know what they should be doing or do not have the confidence to do so. Our knowledge and experience ensures that your goals and dreams become a reality

Ongoing Review –  We believe it’s absolutely essential to review your finances regularly. After all, your life moves on and your plan has to change to keep up. Regular reviews help you stay in control of your finances so you can face the future with confidence