Ongoing Reviews

Our Ongoing Review Service is suitable for clients who want a relationship with an adviser who is fully aware of their financial affairs and is committed to reviewing them whilst taking account of any changes in personal circumstances, goals, objectives and legislation.

Our Ongoing Review Service can provide you with the following:

  • Review meetings at a pre-agreed frequency to review your priorities and financial plan.
  • A review of and advice on your investment / pension portfolio.
  • Carrying out research to ensure that your current investments continue to be suitable.
  • The recommendation to buy, sell or hold existing funds held within your existing investment product(s) in line with your attitude to risk.
  • The gathering and updating of information regarding your personal and financial situation (fact-find).
  • Providing you with an updated portfolio valuation statement along with an updated portfolio report

This is all on top of access to your adviser throughout the year if needs be.